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What do You Need to Build Your Own Drone Kit?

Drone accessories are crucial to smooth and safe flight, but for beginners who want to play drones but don't have a lot of money, it is a good idea to build your own drone kit. Here are the items that you need when building a drone kit:

1. Drone frame

The frame is the main part of a waterproof fishing drone. Only after the frame is determined can the type and number of all spare parts be determined. You can go to some major drone websites to find similar usage instructions according to your own requirements.

2. Flight control system

Many people are using nazA-M-V2 or A2 control system, but the new flight control system will be more stable.

3. Remote control

The price of better Futab remote control is too high, but cheaper remote control may bring some risks.

4. Electrical machinery

The selection of electrical machinery depends on load and frame of the drone. The flying fishing drone is powered by a electrical machinery, which is commonly known as a motor. The main function of the electrical machinery is to generate driving torque as the power source of electrical appliances or a variety of machinery. It is a kind of electromagnetic device that realizes electric energy conversion or delivery according to the law of electromagnetic induction.

5. Brushless electrical machinery

The rotor of brushless electrical machinery is made of permanent magnet magnetic steel, which is attached to the output shaft along with the shell, and a winding coil is used as the stator to remove the commutator brush that are used for alternating electromagnetic field in brush motor.

6. ESC

ESC, whose full name is Electronic Speed Controller, can adjust the motor speed according to the control signal. Connect the motor to ESC and fix it on the drone arm to ensure that the motor is perpendicular to the arm. The rotation direction of the motor is not the same and it will jump at intervals in general. The rotation direction of the motor can be changed by switching any two connecting lines between the motor and the electronic speed controller.

7. Battery

Battery is a risk point, so the cost performance cannot be used on the battery. Users must choose famous brand and authentic products to reduce the risk as far as possible.

8. Parts list

1 upper fuselage plate

1 lower fuselage plate

2 550 FAW arm of force

4 550 FAC arm of force

4 propeller pairs

6 motors

6 electronic speed controllers

24 screws

1 gum hook and loop

1 battery strap

1 pair of power lines

Above are the basic drone fishing accessories required to build your own drone kit. You can also build your own drone kit with camera if your budget is enough.

What do You Need to Build Your Own Drone Kit?
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