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What Motor Is Used In Drone?

While the small UAVs normally use brush motors, the drones with larger wheelbase, usually more than 200mm, will use brushless drone motors. Comparing to the brush motors, the brushless drone DC motor adopts a semiconductor switching device to realize electronic commutation, which has the advantages of high reliability, no commutation spark, and low mechanical noise. Thus, the brushless DC motor for drones is more suitable for slightly larger drones, such as our Poseidon Pro II fishing drone.

How To Choose Drone Motor?

  • Reliability

Reliability is one of the most important factors when choosing drone electric motors. Comparing to the brush motor, which will easily encounter situations like poor connections due to rust and dusts, brushless DC motor is appearing to have more stable performance.

  • Long Service Life

While the carbon brush of the brush motor will wear out and need to be updated regularly, which is obviously not practical for the fishing drones, the brushless motors used for drones have no such concerns and are almost maintenance-free.  

  • Efficiency

The efficiency of drone motor kits here refers to the conversion rate of energy. Having no contact resistance and no heating element such as carbon brush, the brushless DC motor for drones has a high utilization rate of electric energy, which can be as high as 90%.  In contrast, the energy utilization rate of brush motors can only reach 75%, so the running time of brushless motors will have obvious advantages.

  • Precision

According to the general concept, the control precision of brushless DC motors used in drones is high.

4218 Waterproof IDFTECH Motor for Poseidon - PRO Waterproof Fishing Drone

IDFTECH 4218 Waterproof Motor for Poseidon-480 PRO II  BLACK Waterproof Fishing Drone

IDF-4218 waterproof brushless motor has high efficiency, corrosion resistance and light weight. Each brushless motor has passed strict dynamic balance test. The brushless DC motor used for fishing drone uses high-quality 7075 aviation aluminum material, advanced processing technology, and adopts special nano waterproof coating, which can make the brushless motor work in seawater for a long time. The special structural design of IDEAFLY drone electric motor is more in line with the seaside environment, which can prevent fine sand from entering the motor and damage the brushless motor.

Besides the fishing drone motor, other high-quality drone fishing accessories are also available in IDFTECH. Feel free to contact us now!

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