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Electric Speed Controler of Drone

The ESC of drone refers to the electronic speed controller of the drone. It is divided into brush ESC and brushless ESC, whose main function is to convert the control signal of the flight control board into a current to control the speed of the motor.

Types of ESC of Drone

ESCs of drone are divided into two types according to their functions, one with BEC, that is, a voltage regulator module, which is generally 5V voltage stabilized to power the flight controller or receiver; the other without BEC. Most multi-rotor models do not carry BEC, while aircraft models generally use BEC. According to the type, it can be divided into one-way ESC and two-way ESC. The one-way ESC can't change the signal to control the motor's reverse rotation, while the two-way ESC can control the motor's reverse rotation. This is generally used on racing 3D machines, which makes the racing machine do 3D actions.

How to choose the ESC of drone?

1. The ESC of drone passing current can be selected according to the maximum current of the motor. It can only be high, but not low (usually 5A or 10A. As for why it is 5A or 10A? Because it needs to leave a margin, If it is low, it will burn the ESC. If it is too high, the price will be more expensive).

2. Whether it is equipped with a brake or not. The racing machine will be more flexible when it chooses the brake. It doesn't matter whether the ordinary machine has a brake or not.

3. It is more important whether to bring over current protection. Because no one can guarantee that they will not crash when flying. The current will be very large when the motor is stuck and blocked, and the ESC with overcurrent protection will not be burnt.

4. Response speed. This is the same as a car gearbox. The response speed is fast and naturally sensitive. And if the response speed is slow,it cannot run quickly.

5. The voltage. If the voltage is high, the ESC will be burnt. But if the voltage is low, it won't work (this must be matched with the motor).

Electric Speed Controler of  Drone
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