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Drone Videography: New Shooting Experience

Ⅰ. Features of drone videography

1. Drone videography has the advantages of high definition, large scale, small area and high current situation. It is especially suitable for obtaining aerial images of strip areas (roads, railways, rivers, reservoirs, coastlines, etc.).

2. Drone videography provides a remote sensing platform with convenient operation and easy transition. Its take-off and landing are less restricted by the site, and it can be taken off and landed on playgrounds, highways or other relatively open ground. Not only that, its stability and safety are good, and the transition is very easy.

3. The multi-purpose and multi-functional imaging system of drone videography is an important means to obtain remote sensing information.

4. Drone videography has the characteristics of being small, light, low-noise and energy-saving, highly maneuverable, and clear images. Lightweight, miniaturization, and intelligence are the outstanding features of drone videography.

Ⅱ. Application range of drone videography

Drone videography technology can be widely used in national ecological environment protection, mineral resources exploration, marine environment monitoring, land use investigation, water resources development, crop growth monitoring and yield estimation, agricultural operation, natural disaster monitoring and assessment, urban planning and municipal management, forest pest protection and monitoring, public security, national defense, digital earth, advertising photography shadow and other fields. Therefore, it has a broad market demand.

Ⅲ. Tips for drone videography

1. Ensure your safety

If you want to take good aerial photography and fly to the fullest, you must first pay attention to safety. First of all, it is not allowed to fly in airport clearance protection areas, military restricted areas, politically sensitive areas, and densely populated areas; do not fly when there are temporary no-fly notices for major events.

2. Start from taking photos

Shooting stunning works with drones requires flying skills and photography knowledge, so high-level drone videography services are expensive. However, the good news is that taking still photos is relatively simple.

3. Limit the speed and lighting

Novices need to set some restrictions on the APP before sending the drone to the sky. The flight speed should be limited, the operating sensitivity should be lowered, and the gimbal pitch should be slowed down.

4. Fly higher or lower

Compared with other photographic equipment, the biggest feature of drone videography is of course its ability to fly. So, of course, the easiest way to show off drone videography is to fly higher. Flying higher allows you to see farther, take more magnificent photos, and is less likely to collide with obstacles.

Drone Videography: New Shooting Experience
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