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Choose the Best Bait Dropping Drone And Install the Drone Fishing Line Release

Whether it's a beach or a yacht, whether it's artificial bait or live bait, you can use the bait drone for long shot fishing. The picture it transmits from a high altitude can clearly observe the fish school, which is a perspective that you usually cannot have. The fishing bait drone can cast as far as you want, and the high-definition camera helps you to shoot a thrilling blockbuster.

Information of the best bait dropping drone

If you want to have fun, you must first choose a suitable fishing bait drop drone, which should have long battery life, fast-flying speed, strong wind, and easy control. IDFTECH's IDEAFIY Poseidon 480 bait drone is good, it has long battery life, good load capacity, multiple flight modes, and is waterproof and windproof. In addition, the bait drone also has functions such as real-time video surveillance, a multi-function projector, a comprehensive security system, and night lighting navigation.

If you are afraid that the drone will enter the water with improper operation, you can also choose Poseidon PRO II 480, which is a fishing drone designed for waterproof fishing and the best drone for surf fishing.

Poseidon Pro 480

How to install your release device of bait drone is critical

1. First create some connection points to the bait release drone. Find the center of the subject (as Figure A). This will help avoid uneven loads on the propeller. It is recommended not to put this accessory on the cardan joint or the camera, otherwise the camera may be damaged. Mount it on the legs or landing gear of the drone. If it doesn't have legs, use a hard material like a pillar connected to the motor. Lines of equal length from point 1 to point 3, point 2 to point 4, do not use elastic material line, use tape to secure point A.

bait drone installation

2. The next step is to install the release device. ldea-fly Technology suggests that the best way is to fix a downward release clip to attachment A. You can connect it by bundling and make sure it is firm. This step will allow the fishing line to maintain a certain slackness, ensuring that drone to drop fishing line at the right time.

3. The next step is to connect the fishing line to the release device. Open the reel so that the fishing line can extend freely without any resistance. Fly the air fish drone, let your bait follow the drone to the top of the fish school, and control the reel until the release clip ejects the bait. It is recommended to test several times before dropping bait with drone to ensure that the elasticity of the device and the slackness of the fishing line are just right.

Now, you can indulge in fly fishing, and you can enjoy the spectacular scenes of fish spotting drones flying at high altitudes.


1. Be careful of wind. Some fisherman drone have wind restrictions, and skilled drone pilots may be able to fly in higher winds. But try not to take risks and beware of losing your bait dropper drone. It will be more calm to have a partner to operate.

2. Check the distance you fly out carefully, and don't let the bait dropping drone exceed your controllable range, so as not to fall into the water. You can also add an additional cable to the drone and pull it back in emergency situations. Do not exceed the maximum load of the drone when loading.

3. The flight management regulations for fishing casting drones are different from place to place. Some are only allowed to fly during the day, and some have requirements for the distance from crowds and buildings, and the operators need to comply with local regulations.

IDFTECH is a professional supplier who have bait drone for sale. It has been paying close attention to the development trend of drones, and regards the application of drones as the company's research and development focus, such as high-definition image transmission systems, pan-tilt stabilization systems, and the development of fish casting drone peripheral equipment and so on.

In addition, IDFTECH has also developed a strategic cooperation with DJI. DJI's excellent flight control system provides a stable and safe flight platform for IDFTECH's fishing drones. IDFTECH is committed to bringing new concepts to new applications of drones through technology and innovation, and developing best drone for dropping bait to ensure users have a perfect experience.

Choose the Best Bait Dropping Drone And Install the Drone Fishing Line Release
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