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After-sale Service

1. After registering the APP software, what happened when I logged in and mentioned that the account was not registered?

After registration, please log in to your mailbox to find the activation email, and click the link to activate. After that, you can log in normally.

2. What should I do if the assistant software is not connected?

Your assistant software driver is not installed successfully. After powering on the main control, you need to connect the USB and then install the driver manually.

3. After the 480-Pro is powered on, the aircraft does not respond after turning on the aircraft switch?

In order to prevent accidents caused by misoperation, remove the four propellers. The 480-Pro needs the remote control to operate the throttle before the throttle responds (please refer to the manual Motor Start/Stop Chapter 10 page), observe the LED indicator after the aircraft switch is turned on, 4 Flashing yellow light indicates that the flight controller is in the preheating state. After the preheating is completed, the lever can be turned on normally.

4. After the power is turned on, the LED light flashes yellow and red, why?

The red and yellow LED flashes to indicate that the compass is disturbed, indicating that there is magnetic field interference near the compass. Need compass calibration (please refer to U disk video compass calibration)

5. The 480-Pro GPS satellite search is normal, and it is difficult to control the aircraft to fly forward after the lift off.

Check if the GPS red sticker triangle arrow of the aircraft points to the nose (please refer to page 6-7 in the assembly chapter of the manual)

After-sale Service
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